Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finding Our Rhythm

On Tuesdays we do not lounge or leisurely nurse in bed, we do not scuffle over dirty bedrooms or get up and down and up and down during breakfast. On Tuesdays we take care of business and get out of the house and to the library in time for story time with Miss Mel (10 am).
We've only recently started going in time for story time so the girls are taking their time getting warmed up. And though Zoe is still too shy to get down and dance and sing with everyone she is apparently paying attention. She came home singing this... all day.
We are beginning to find our rhythm . After months of struggling and feeling like I was going up against a mountain of solitary responsibility, we are making it. We are finding rhythm and learning to be more gentle with one another and finding out that life is still good and change is not necessarily the end of the world. This is a process.
So, today we went to the library. Though neither can yet read, my girls are book worms. And once upon a time, I was, too. Having babies changed that, though, the irony is that now that I have babies I should be reading because I can use all the help I can get. I just returned this one. I really liked it and found it to be very helpful. Too often I get to the end of a book and thought 'I've wasted my precious little reading time on this piece of garbage'. But not this time. Mamas with feuding/fighting/bickering kids; this book is for you.
I'm trying to fit in more reading time. Today I chose this one.
It will be years before I'm able to read for hours on end like I used to. But that's OK. I have new loves. And I enjoy reading to them.


Crunchy Diva said...

finding the rhythm is important. for my son & i anyways. if something puts a hitch in it i feel all out of touch...lol. that's great that you guys are finding yours. trust me the reading time will slowly come back to you :) until then enjoy these moments with your girls.

T @ Poppy Place said...

I really miss the day sof going to story time at the library, they grow up so quickly.

I love your banner so colourful and bright and cheery.

Have a lovely day, T, :)

Earth Mama said...

Oh I am so happy to hear you are finding a new wonderful rhythm for you and your girls. The library is one of the best places to spend a chunk of time each week. There's something there for everyone.


Hamlette said...

DUDE! We've got "I'm Mighty" from the library right now too! What a coincidence. Daniel also loved another book by the same pair, "I'm Dirty."

Rhythms and routines are so important. Mercedes is finally settling into a good napping pattern, and that's making our lives easier and easier.

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