Friday, September 3, 2010

Keeping Busy

That breakthrough has finally been made and I'm on a roll now! I have to say, it's really an all around bummer to not be knitting. It just throws me off completely and I'm not happy when I'm not creating. Not to say that life has suddenly turned to bliss but it really is a little bit like therapy and just helps make my days a little bit brighter. I'm reading this book at the moment. It's really good and approaches all the different ways that knitting or just crafting in general enhances our life and the lives of those around us and also gets into how we can use craft to make a difference in some small way. The author's views on feminism do kind of irritate me a bit but all around it's good and opening up my mind of different ways to use my knitting.
So here's what I've been up to. Another Kitten hat. Little River has not been her usual cheerful self quite as much as she's got these horrid teeth coming in. Poor baby.
A purple crown. I honestly can't say why I've not done purple before now. For some reason it seems like a no-brainer... This picture of Zoe Gail just kills me! She has the goofiest expressions.
A custom order of teething dolls for triplets. Triplets... could you imagine?
And wands which are the perfect companion for my crowns. Just sayin'... And knitters, the pattern is up in my Etsy shop, Ravelry shop and I'll get it in my shop here soon enough.

And tonight I'm going to get started on this cowl. A custom order from a friend. I dig this yarn. Green!
See? I told you I've been busy!


Eccentric Mama said...

Back on track...good for you.

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hellooo, I can certainly understand what you mean about needing to create. I am glad you are back on track, I love all your creations, that hat is just too cute :) I'm having a giveaway over at my Blog if you feel like hopping along :) Have a great weekend, Catherine x

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Hooray! Glad your needles are clicking again. I've suddenly been going nutso over here, making mountains of hats for my shop. They're taking over my desk, my movie shelves, the top of the washing machine... eep!

Teeth there too? Mercedes just cut #6 during the night. She got 4 on top in 3 weeks. Not been a happy time here. Hoping she'll quit for a bit now!

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