Friday, September 10, 2010

Right Now...

...I'm nursing the baby to sleep and trying to calm my nerves after one hectic evening. You know these nights? Too tired kiddos and they're melting down left and right. And it's all a mama can do to keep it together. Though I'm certainly not gonna claim to have gotten them all the way to bed without a bit of a meltdown myself. And at this very moment I can still hear them bickering. These kind of days seem endless.
I've still been knitting for my upcoming event just as much as these little ones will let me. Though, I have found it much more difficult to get it together this year. One more kid minus one adult keeps this mama's hands pretty full. I'm getting there, though. Slowly but surely...
Tiny hands I love.

And right now I'm listening to this.

These guys are my latest obsession. I found them here and have been listening to them pretty much non-stop since. Which I guess you already know if we're Face Book friends. Can't help it... they're wonderful!


Alison said...

I love that caterpillar! (it is a caterpillar, right?)
I will definitely be ordering some Christmas gifts from you!!!

Julie said...

It *is* a caterpillar! And you know that would be alright by me. ;-)

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