Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kaiya and the Scissors Vs Her Hair

Spoiler! Her hair loses.
That's right, it's another case of child+scissors (that were supposed to be for crafting!) = bad hair and a trip to the salon.
No, she isn't tucking that huge chunk of (not there) hair behind her ear.
So, she thinks mama's over sized garden hat that is three times the size of her head will somehow divert the attention from her hair. No need, my dear, we're going straight to the salon and they're used to hair train wrecks.
Maybe if I tilt it to the right?
It is chic, no?
And after... you can see she's terribly thrilled about it. The beautician did the best she could... and it will grow back. As long as mama locks up the scissors!
Short in front, kinda mullet-y in the back. She just couldn't loose it all. I would have but... whatever. Lesson learned, for the both of us.

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