Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Many Hands Make Light Work

I am so blessed to have these three tiny ladies in my life. To work beside them, and grow with them. I never could have dreamed they would teach me so much. I think I underestimate what they can do, what they will do, willingly, joyfully.
To them, tasks we think of as burdens, as something we have to do before we get to play and relax, are new and fun and... full of wonder.
Kaiya has started wanting to take on more responsibilities, for me. She tells me to sit down and relax, she'll take care of the housework. I think this tender soul see's her mama struggling. She's so full of empathy, always has been.
And so I sit, for a few minutes anyway. And I let her do what she loves most... help. What joy it brings her!
And this one? Well, I think what she loves most is to imitate. I know all toddlers do. But she is so very attentive. When she was a newborn her eyes were always so wide, looking around and taking in everything! We would marvel at how awake she seemed.
And now she watches, so very closely, and follows suit. (Don't worry, that's just water and dish soap.)
She is a handful, but her curiosity and boundless determination are awe-inspiring.

I am trying to remember to stop, and watch and see it through their eyes.