Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Marking Seasonal Transitions

I'm blogging over at Natural Kids today; Marking Seasonal Transitions. I will be following it up next week with some thoughts on seasonal festivities, regardless of religious/spiritual leanings.
This is a topic that has much been on my mind recently. I've written here before about trying to make festivals and holy days meaningful for my family, despite the fact that we follow no particular spiritual path. And recently this has begun to come a bit more into focus for me. Which, I have to say, is a relief. I think many, many families must struggle with the same issue, those who do not subscribe to a particular 'faith', yet want to bring spiritual fulfillment to their celebrations. I don't think the holidays come as easily to us... though, perhaps with the very plastic commercialization and focus on (frequently) only the very material aspect of most holidays, it doesn't come all that easily for those who do have a religion but can't find the 'holy' in holi-days.
Anyway, I'm going to gather those thoughts and put them down on the Natural Kids blog next week. I would love to hear other's thoughts, from either side of the fence, meanwhile.Link