Thursday, September 8, 2011

Those Days

We're just going to take it easy today. Staying in, even though it's finally not rainy and yucky. Actually we were out when it was rainy and yucky, so I think that counts for double, right?
River is teething hard and sleep is becoming more and more scarce. Even so, I've been getting up extra early just to have some time to myself and time to catch up on some online work before the girls wake. Not this morning, though. She tossed and turned and thrashed and nursed all night (and, my goodness, is my body achy!). I would have gotten up anyway, but she wouldn't go back to sleep. I finally said 'forget it!' at 6 and got up with her, which, of course, woke her sisters. For my own sanity I insisted they stay in bed til it was light out, so I was able to squeeze a little time (and coffee) in.
I'm trying to back away from the edge of extreme irrability and just going to go kind of easy on all of us today. We may draw, we may bake. Heck, I may even break out a video.
Do you have those days? When you just drop all plans and good intentions and hunker down, instead? Yeah, it's one of those days.
I'm working on me right now. On patience, which isn't my strong suit, on taking time, being slower, breathing before I speak or act... cultivating a gentle spirit. I'm a work in progress. And today's practice is recognizing that, if I push it, this day is going to unravel, really fast.
Kaiya will begin ballet next Tuesday. I thought I had it figured out where I would be sending her. I chose the school that taught only ballet (because that's what she really, really, really wants to learn) and offers two classes a week for the same price (or cheaper) than some of the others places around that only offer one class per week. My thinking being that if she really gets into it and may want to go further, then she will really benefit from the extra classes and what she learns will 'stick' better.
Well, the instructor did not send the info I was supposed to have received and I called yesterday to find out if I still have time to get her in and I'm supposed to have what I need in a day or so and she will begin Tuesday. But while waiting for them to return my call, I called another. This one is the same price, only one day per week and, while they do offer other dance classes, the class is ballet only, not ballet/hip hop/jazz. But it's about 15 minutes closer and she will begin that one on Tuesday, as well.
I'm going to have to juggle my whole week around if she goes to the first. Her classes would be Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday my knitting group meets and on Thursday I was supposed to begin a Waldorf study group with a like minded friend. Just the two of us, but I'm really eager to get started. If she goes to the other, I only have to move around one day.
Anyway, I really don't know what the best direction to go is. Her dad will be helping out with the taking to and fro and watching after the younger girls girls, still... an awful lot of juggling. If you have children in dance classes, what do you think? Should we shoot for the one with twice as many lessons? Is it worth it?