Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long Pajamas

It's finally time... the long pajamas have been pulled out. I'm one of these people who just can't sleep if it's the least bit warm so I welcome these cool and chilly nights. Time to hunker down beneath the covers and snuggle with loved ones... ahem, River, this would be you.
This particular set of striped, yellow pj's has been passed along from sister to sister. It's my favorite, because, of course, the sweet little lamb over the breast. It will not go into the giveaway away pile as I pull out all of River's outgrown clothes, but be tucked away, perhaps for one of my girls' babies, a long way down the road.


Hamlette said...

Lucky you! We've had the long pjs out a couple times for Mercedes. Our weather here has been schizo this month -- warm one day, cool the next. It's hard to know what to put her in, sigh. I can't wait for it to settle down into cool weather for good! I'll sleep better too, for sure.

nocton4 said...

cute cute cute xx

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