Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome October

Happy first day of October! This month is high on my list of favorite months, perhaps #1 but I hate to say and make the others feel badly.
Down comes the temperature, out come the sweaters (and I love sweaters, I'm a cardigan kind of gal. You know that comes from you, mom, right? With the drawers down right bulging with cardigans in a rainbow of colors.) Now I tell the girls to lock in their final decisions about costumes because once they are sewn there is no turning back. I think they have decided to be witches this year, though, there's been some discussion of Zoe being a spooooky ghost!
This little guy has been singing his head off just outside my bedroom window for the past week.
And up goes the Autumn nature table. (Sweet little wooden girl from Rjabinnik.)
How are you welcoming Fall?


nocton4 said...

happy autumn to you, lovely post xx

Nicole Benjamin said...

such beautiful photos!
what a lovely nature table too!
enjoy this new season : )

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