Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturdays Now and the Giveaway List

When I was working (you know, and getting paid for it) when Saturday would roll around it was like Christmas every week. You work your behind off all week and then you get to relax. You're not on anyone's clock, no one tells you what to do. On the weekends I would sleep in late and then maybe go out, maybe just mosey about the house all day.... whatever. Even after I had kids at least Tait was home to give me a much needed break and every so often would take care of the girls in the morning so I could catch a few extra zzz's. But, I gotta tell you, now that I'm a single, stay-at-home mom Saturdays just don't have quite the same appeal to them. Just like a regular old Wednesday I get up and get them dressed and fed and break up the fights and am constantly yelling "Close the door!" and I'm the one wiping behinds and pulling down puzzles and supervising crayons to make sure nobody is eating them. Tait does come over on the weekends... eventually. But I'm kinda feeling like the grunt work still is and will always be on me. So much for leisurely Saturdays.

OK, now that that's off my chest I bring you Saturday's giveaway list and a 15 second video of the smallest among us walking! She turned 8 months last Saturday and I think that's the day we can officially say she is walking. Needless to say folks, I'm in trouble. This little gal is turning into quite the handful.
So, look out world! Here she comes!

River Walking- 8 months from Julie Hunter on Vimeo.

And the list;

Modern Organic Fabric

"Smile at Fear" Online Retreat


Burt's Bees and Sandra Boynton

Lip Balm

Mobile Teapot

Ergo Baby Carrier


Hamlette said...

Wow. Walking indeed.

Mercy has been 7 months for a week or so, and today she let go of the movie shelves and repeatedly stood by herself for 3-6 seconds at a time. Yikes!

Linda said...

What a special video! Thank you for your comment about my dandelion:)
Take care

Alisa said...

Eight months?! Oh my goodness! Mine didn't start til after 12 mo.

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