Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today, I am 31 years old. 31... Inspired by Lisa I am going to share 31 things about myself, that perhaps you don't already know about me. Here goes...

1. I am the middle child of five children, two brothers and two sisters.

2.When I was a child I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.

3. As an adolescent, I wanted to be a writer.

4. Other than this blog, I never write anymore.

5. I read almost no fiction. I feel guilty and non-productive when I do.

6. I am obsessed with salt and vinegar potato chips, but hate the way they make the inside of my cheek peel when I eat too many.

7. I have eczema. After River's birth I developed a pretty bad case which is now all gone but on my right hand. It gets so bad it often cracks and bleeds. Makes knitting quite difficult at times.

8. I'm a fiber snob. I used to knit with all manner of synthetic fibers, now I can't stand to touch the stuff.

9.I stopped eating meat just a few months ago. I don't push it on my girls, though, but I won't cook it.

10. I can't turn down a good basket.

11. I didn't let anyone celebrate my 30th birthday. I had just told my husband I wanted a divorce and couldn't stand the thought of celebrating it without him.

12. At 31 I think I'm finally over it... yeah.

13. My great aunt used to babysit my younger brother and I. She had a swing in her back yard and one day, after my mom left, I went to it and swung the whole day. The whole day.

14. I'm knitting constantly but I can't remember the last thing I made for myself.

15. I have sheared sheep with sewing scissors.

16. I have a hot temper and patience is a constant struggle.

17. I don't mind saying I was wrong, especially to my children.

18. I adore The Muppet's Christmas Carol and sing along with all the songs every year.... and just sing them anyway whenever the mood strikes.

19. Nearly half my back is covered with a tattoo of one of Brian Froud's fairies. I frequently forget it's there and am surprised when I spy it in the mirror.

20. I've never stolen anything, except in elementary school. A boy who sat next to me kept taking part of my lunch money from my desk so one day I stole some of his.

21. My mom home schooled my two younger siblings and I after I finished the 6th grade. I hated her for that and fought her the whole way. Now I'm grateful she did it and put up with me through it.

22. I quit when I was 15. I don't regret that but do regret that my daughters do not have an example of continued education.

23. We kept rats when I was growing up. They were some of the most affectionate pets I've ever had.

24. Their tails still creep me out.

25. I sing and dance a lot... a lot. And now my girls do, too. It's much like a musical at our house.

26. I like a cold house at night, or anytime, really.

27. We have a wool sign hanging up in the hallway that I made, it says 'Be Kind'. The girls remind me of it when they feel I'm not being very kind.

28. Since having my three girls I sweat more, my hips ache if I'm on my feet too much, my cervix is mildly prolapsed, I get very mucus-y if I consume much dairy and each day is fuller than I would have ever dreamed.

29. I don't remember hardly anything about my childhood. It wasn't traumatic or anything like that, I just don't remember. When others talk about theirs or my family talks about times gone by, I really have nothing to add. It's just a blur.

30. That said, I'm very unsentimental and don't like to hold onto things. Even what I do remember, I don't like to reminisce.

31. I also don't like talking about the future too much. Planning in a very realistic way, sure. But I despise speculating and what ifs.

There you have it! 31 terribly fascinating things about your truly. So, have a happy day, will ya?