Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Handmade Knit Me Downs

I wanted to let you all have first dibs on a couple more pieces I'm adding to the Hand Knit hand Me Down Flickr pool. You don't know what I'm talking about? Well, if you knit (or crochet) you really need to check it out. I've been busy and not posted there in some time but I would really love to see it take off everyone be able to share in all of the hand-me-down goodness.

Just a brief rundown if you're unfamiliar...
Upload your gently used hand knits (and crochets) and find a new home for an otherwise outgrown or unused piece that you put so much work into. You must knit or crochet to join and there will be no selling or trading allowed. This is only for giving away.
LinkLinkI am finally letting go of this little vest. It's actually the piece that inspired me to start the group. It was already smallish when I made it and I would love to find it a good home. In this picture River is one, so I say it's best sized for 0-1. I've knit it with Louisa Harding's Thistle, merino wool and alpaca. Rav notes here.
And the buttons are wood. it's so soft and the color is just divine. Do you love it as much as I do? I hope so because I would love to see another little one wearing it.
This one River wore from the time she was about 2 months old to one year old.
LinkAs you can see the sleeves were pretty baggy at 2 months but it still fit pretty well.
This one has some synthetic in it. It's Yarn Bee Snowflake Wool Blend, 56% Wool, 22% Polyester, 22% PTT. I adore the colorway! Very fall-ish. Rav notes are here.
If you would like to have either of these sweaters, please, head on over to the group, join if you haven't already, and snatch them up. They're free!