Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Big

A cashier at the grocery store today mentioned I didn't have babies anymore. No, no babies here. I can deny it no more, River is a toddler. Besides just being a handful, she's also incredibly strong willed. What do you mean, 'No', mommy? I don't know this word. If she wants to do something, she will do it, plain and simple.
Yesterday was my mama's birthday and the older two girls and I worked on a little story book for her. Zoe painted the cover, I bound it into a little booklet and wrote while Kaiya told me the story and then drew the pictures in. Well, you just know there is no way that we are bringing out paints without River getting to paint as well. No, this has gone on too long and she will have those paints! I underestimated her, I'll be the first to admit. I thought of my older girls at 18 months and they just weren't ready to wield paint brushes then. Finger paints, yes, but I thought we'd wait on the watercolors. I thought wrong. I underestimate her no more.
She is constantly surprising me with what she is capable of. By now, I should know there is no way I can expect her to be like her sisters were. I talk a lot about what a handful she is, how messy and frustrating she is. How she breaks everything and stays out of nothing. But... she's so much more than that.
She's so smart and so capable. And so full of character and personality and sweetness. She gives the biggest hugs and loves to stroke your face. Her legs are very muscular (for 1.5) from all that climbing she does. She's obsessed with shoes and wants to put them on from the moment she wakes up. She is beginning to 'read' books and wanting to be read to. She still baa's with the sheep and loves to tote her kitty around. She understands so much of what I say and takes direction really well. She amazes me.
And I say all of this because... well, because I need the reminded when she's making me nuts, which is daily. And because one day very soon, even my toddler will be gone.