Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I don't recall having such a distaste for daylight saving time as this year. Perhaps that's because we've just got our rhythm down and boom! The girls know that daylight means time to get up.... and they're really not buying that it's really still not time to get up at 6:00. I mean, there's the sun, mama!
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So, I'm trying to just go with it... oh, and convince them to play in their bedroom for at least 15 minutes so I can get that second cup of coffee ( and Kaiya is counting and checking the contents of the cup). Normally I'm up a couple of hours before them anyway, but River has been sleeping pretty restlessly. I'll be so glad when they get used to this and River sleeps soundly again.
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It was oatmeal morning and I ran out. So instead we pulled out one of their favorite recipes, Pumpkin Streusel Muffins. The entire batch dissapears pretty quickly and they go on and on about how wonderful they are.
And they really are. If you find yourself up too early, you should make some.

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