Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Morning

A Facebook status from a friend had me craving biscuits this morning. I know, I'm too easy! Anyway, we all pitched in a made a batch of biscuits with fresh eggs and jam... not together, of course. Well, not on my plate anyway.
Today I really, really need to pluck the rabbits (it's an awful word but, believe me, there is no real plucking. Simply combing out the fibers that have been naturally molted anyway) and get the rest of my tomatoes in the ground (which, yes, means some veggies have made it in already). But, the ex is flaking on me so I'm not sure whether I'll have any time sans children today or not. And a raging, crazy, pulling, screaming toddler is about as terrifying to a rabbit as they come, which equals me bleeding. Yeah, not fun. I'd rather wait til I have someone to take the girls somewhere.
Hope you have a lovely and productive weekend!