Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Couple of Things

I wanted to share a couple of sweet things I have come by this past week, too cute not to. The first came by way of mail carrier on Monday. Does she look a little familiar? Well, she should. She was sent by Margaret, just because she is the absolute sweetest!
And Margaret....

she is well loved in her new home.
The other is this fantastic! basket I snagged at the Goodwill. It has a solid wood frame, bottom and lid. And it stands empty at the moment because it's too wonderful to put just anything in.

Yeah, this is my favorite thing in some time
And, that's about it. Honestly, I have a raging headache and the girls are in rare form. A couple of criminals were stopped by the police less than a half a mile down the road yesterday, assaulted an officer and ran off into the woods. They've yet to be found and so I'm keeping the little ones cooped up til they are, or are at least spotted out of the neighborhood. Today is bordering on the longest day ever.