Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're Going to Have Babies

Chicks, that is. And if all goes well and everyone does their job. We've got a couple of hens that have been dying to be mamas for the past two seasons (including the lady above) and we've finally given them a man so they can get the job done right (unlike the ducks who hoard stinky, infertile eggs under the shed). I don't have pictures of him right now. We got him from a friend two days ago and his first two mornings here I've found him on the other side of the fence, between the fence and overgrown bank. Much fun for me to squeeze in between to fetch him... especially in the rain this morning. He just paces back and forth, trying to squeeze through the fence. Sigh. Hopefully he will get used to the new digs (and ladies) soon. He's just a young thing yet, only 14 weeks.
Well, the girls are beginning to stir so I'm going to give you a winner;


I will be emailing you in just a bit. Congratulations!