Saturday, August 13, 2011

Right Now

~I'm giving in to the fact that this one will wear the same three dresses over and over and only anything else if we dip into her sister's closet.
~Trying to nurse a teething toddler into an early nap in the hopes we can get in two naps today and sleep some of this teething pain away.
~Waiting for the ex to come and pick up the girls so that I can go to Salvation Army and replace the coffee maker carafe I broke in the dark last night (note to self; don't try to make coffee without turning on the light again)
~I am thinking too much sugar has been consumed this week and the girls and I need to clean up our act... again.
~Trying to get caught up on orders so that I can work out some these ideas banging around in my head.
~Looking forward to a very productive weekend.

Hope yours is wonderful!

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