Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making Plans

Stepping out my door this afternoon and feeling the icy air whip across my face it's really hard to imagine making plans for spring. But the first of the seed catalogs has made it's way to my mailbox and dreaming of spring I am.
Last year I thought about a garden, I started a garden but, in the end, it was just not in the cards. Not with a wild toddler running to and fro, anyway. But this year I have plans. This year I'm not in it alone and will rely on my husband to tame that wild toddler while I dig and plant away. Gardening is not his thing, not even a little bit, but I love it and am happy to play in the dirt while he plays with the girls. Now, what to plant...?
I also have plans for a new set of toys that I'm terribly eager to work up. Just need to decide on yarns. Oh yes, there are visions of bunnies dancing through my head!
What kinds of plans are you making?