Thursday, January 5, 2012

Right Now


I uploaded these photos yesterday, got no further and have no idea where I was going with them. I am having some difficulty getting back into my blogging groove and my homeschooling groove and getting up before the kids and... my groove, in general. The holiday break has really thrown me off. But if I'm to be totally honest I think I'm really just in a slump. I'm feeling kind of negative and dissatisfied.
Just right upfront, it's not my marriage, it's not my children or homeschooling and not my work. It's just me, things and people I've allowed into my life, my own attitude and things I hold onto. I really don't feel up to just spelling it all out here but I guess I could sum it up just saying that I need a new outlook, a new attitude and I think I just need to clean house a bit, emotionally and relationship speaking. I actually have put off making any New Year's resolutions simply because I feel overwhelmed , a little, by all the areas of my life I'd like to see change in. It's a little scary to think of all the dissatisfaction piled up on paper like that. But I should. I can't change things if I won't face them.
That's just where I am right now. I wish I had something cheerier to share with you. But maybe you're not feeling 100% OK with everything in your life right now either. And maybe it's nice to know you're not alone there. I know I feel that way often. Either way, peace, friends, and goodnight.