Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Tired Mama

My little Kaiya has been working up a cold for the past couple of days. She generally comes into our bed in the middle of the night but when she's sick it's sleepless nights all around. And last night her little cold finally came into it's own and..oh. I'm so tired. Now she's snuggled up on the couch eating her cereal and watching Sesame Street. It's so hard watching your little ones feeling poorly, even worse to be so exhausted it's everything you can do to be patient and attentive. These are the cloudy days of parenting (it doesn't help that it really is cloudy and rainy and dreary outside and they haven't been able to go out in days).

I have so much I need/want to do. The sewing room is a wreck...again. I'm thinking I should just bring my sewing machine out here into the dining room. That way a)I don't have to deal with the disaster that is my sewing room and b)I don't have to take the girls in there or wait til hubby gets home to sew. I have so much to do to get ready for a craft show in Asheville next month. But, the thing is, I've been spending most of my crafting time making stuff for the girls, Kaiya's birthday, the house, even me. And I think today I'm going to start in on these: Aren't they cute? I got it into my head this morning that I wanted to crochet slippers and these fit the bill perfectly. And then after that I will work know, work stuff. The part that pays.

OK, I'm off to be productive!

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Stacey said...

Sesame Street, cereal, cuddling on the couch and mom will make it all feel better. :)

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