Sunday, May 3, 2009

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I've been tagged. It's been abit since my last and the first of this new blog, so I'll play along.

#1 What is your current obsession?

Waldorf toys on Etsy.
I'm scouting for Kaiya's birthday, coming up at the end of this month. I want everything....for her, of course. Like this sweet board game from Wishes and Whimsies. I wanna play, too!
#2 Who was the last person you hugged?

Kaiya, as Tait took her off to bed.

#3 What’s your favorite dinner?

Currently? Ummmm....I guess I would have to say anything my husband makes, since it means I'm not cooking!

#4 What was the last movie you saw in the Theatres?

Eeeks, that doesn't happen very often. Let me think. Ok, let me ask Tait...... Oh, wow, we're both coming up blank on this one. Note to self: go on a date, see movie somewhere without a couch.

#5 What was the last thing you bought? (to wear)

A rust colored, flimsy, hippyish dress. I bought it just a few days ago at the thrift store. I forgot about not having access to my breasts (for the leaches, I mean nursing children). It doesn't have buttons but if I wear a tank under it I can just pull off one of the straps when neccessary.

#6 What are you listening to right now?

Crickets chirping and Zoe breathing softly on my shoulder.

#7 What is your favorite weather?

Bright falls days!

#8 Say something to the person who tagged you.

Hi Sara!

#9 Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, unless it's chai.

#10 What did you want to become as a child?

A doctor

#11 If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

Now I'm thinking to a movie theater. And I would see this

#12 Who do you want to meet in person?

Alice Hoffman, my favorite author or Noami Aldort. I could really use her advice.

#13 What is your most challenging goal right now?

Learning to let go when it comes to my girls.

#14 What is your weirdest obsession?

Stuffed animals

#15 Why did you start a blog?

I first started a blog to promote my shop but now I just really love it. I love writing and getting know so many great bloggers.

#16 What's your blog about (give me the 2-3 sentence elevator pitch)

Living a creative life.

#17 Which blogs are you obsessed with at the moment?

Soule Mama and Blue Bird Baby

#19 If you could change professions or careers, what would you like to try? (realistically speaking)

If it were not for my girls I would love to be a lay midwife.

#18 What is your dream job? (realistic or unrealistic)

To be running my own B&M shop with my crafty things and things from other local artisans.

#20 Who is your favorite designer of the moment?

Noone, I am completely un-fashionable.

#22 One thing that you would snitch out of someone's closet, with no regrets.

I've never really thought about it. See, I am totally un-fashionable.

#21 What's your favorite brand of jeans?

I'll let you know when I find them.

#23 What designer piece of clothing would you most like to own? (new or vintage)

See answer #22

Ok, that's it. Now this is the part where I am supposed to tag so many other bloggers but I rally hate that part. So, play along if you like and let me know if you do so I can check your answers out.


KnitterMama said...

I am also obsessed with Soulemama and would LOVE ti be a midwife...

Samantha said...

I can see why you're obsessed with those toys, that board game is incredible! Wow!!!

sarasophia said...

Unfashionable or not, you are adorable:)
--and I really hate the part about tagging people too only I wasn't clever enough to leave it out, I hate to add to peoples lists of "things to do"---

and I am going to check out Soule Mama...haven't heard of her before!

Thanks for being such a good sport Julie!

<3 sarasophia

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