Monday, March 1, 2010

Knitting for Baby

I didn't do alot of knitting for my girls when they were babies. The older two, that is. They both have lots now but no itty bitty little things. I'm making up for that with River, though. Don't be surprised if my shop isn't updated for awhile. I'm having so much fun making little sweaters and soakers. Love this pattern, btw. And the yarn is fantastic.

Some were ready before she arrived.


And this for my Zoe's birthday just last month.
Found lots more on Rav I can't wait to cast on. All three girls are gonna be sporting mama knits all year long.
What's on your needles?


Rachel Kovaciny said...

Nothing on my needles right now, but I've got a hook sunk in a half-finished hat for me that got interrupted by Mercedes' arrival :-)

Sue said...

What wonderful knits you have made, so cute!

KnitterMama said...

Those longies are so cute! I made a similar pair for my son and will pass them on to my new son. Your third is going to have a whole bunch of knitted hand me downs. Lucky her!

softearthart said...

Sweet as, cheers Marie

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