Friday, April 2, 2010

Right Now

Spending time in the sun with my three girls. Soaking up the warmth and vitamin D.

Trying to remember this everyday;
"Laugh with your children. Get enough sleep. Accept help when you are offered it – ask for help when you are not. Love yourself where you are right now and forgive yourself for past mistakes. Feed your spiritual self. Always remember how very important the work you are doing is and how very important you are to this world. The work we do with our children truly can change the world around us."

And sewing, sewing and sewing more diapers. That is, when I'm not knitting diapers.

Happy weekend and happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

I am descended from a people who loves family and lives close to nature. My grandmother grew a small garden, even though she lived in the city. She did as much as she could simply and my grandparents were much healthier, without all the processed foods, artificial vitamins & minerals or all the meds in use today.

She didn't even use tea bags, but brewed tea the way it's supposed to be done and it was much more delicious than waht's around today.

My grandfather had been a farmer in Europe, but he turned to gardening and rode a bicycle back and forth to work.

It appears more people will be forced to return to the ways of the past as taxes, prices, etc. become so impossible.

Lisa said...

Oh how I LOVE the words on this post. Thank you! Beautiful babes.

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