Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Kaiya

This little girl really cracks me up sometimes. She got a bicycle last year for her birthday and, having a year long moment of bad motherhood, I didn't have a helmet for her. But, you see, she didn't actually start riding the bike til this year. Our driveway is gravel and she just wasn't able to push over the rocks.
Well, we are now putting the finishing touches on our new deck that covers a large portion of our front yard (as grass would not grow in this area due to a large maple that blocks out all sunlight. Nice and shady but a big 'ol mess of red clay that I really hated for the girls to play in) and she is now able to ride her bike to her hearts content. And, being obviously much more sensible than her mother, had to have a helmet. She found this one rooting around in the toys at Salvation Army and decided to put back the doll she was going to get to have this instead. And now she wears it constantly...constantly. She puts it on first thing in the morning, wears it at the table, gardening with Grandma...constantly.
I did something the other day, I'm not sure what, something completely unremarkable. And she laughs lightly and says "You're so clever, mommy!". I really adore this child.


Rachel Kovaciny said...

Too cute! And what a fetching helmet it is :-)

Anonymous said...
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