Thursday, June 24, 2010

She's a Farm Lady Now

Kaiya comes back from her grandparent's yesterday and says that grandma says she's old enough to start picking up the eggs from the hen house. OK, I almost immediately forget about this. Kaiya forgets nothing.
So, in the morning she says that since she is a 'farm lady' now she needs a job and that job should be picking up eggs. Did you ask grandma and pawpaw? Yes, they said she should.
After breakfast she and Zoe don their bathing suits, grandma gives them a basket and off we troop to the hen house. Zoe is allowed to accompany her sister but not pick up eggs as she has butter fingers, still, like her mama. But that's OK, the hen house is so exciting and mysterious and there is always a chance of getting to pet a chicken in there.

This I love!
By the way, today is my parent's 38th wedding anniversary. 38 years... wow! Happy Anniversary, you two.


Rachel Kovaciny said...

You take the best pics! The second-to-last one is adorable.

So... bathing suits? To collect eggs? Whose idea was that? :-)

Julie said...

Ah, you're too sweet! the suits are their new uniform since I bought them a kiddie pool last week. They're in it practicly all day every day.

cabin + cub said...

Awwww. such cute photos! She looks like she is having fun on the farm! ;)

Melodie said...

What cute farm girls! 38 years....wonderful!

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