Sunday, July 25, 2010

Right Now

River is on my lap, nursing. She and her sisters just got home from their daddy's house. It was her first time, usually he comes here to see her. The older two, I have gotten used to it, but her.... much too soon for this momma. I knew the time was coming, I know things are going to be different. And I'm so not looking forward to figuring out how we're going to balance the holidays.

So, right now, I feel a bit like this..

Quiet, solitary....
Reminding me of this book. The book, eh. But the title, I have loved since I was a pre-teen.
I'm listening to this and this, on repeat.
And loving this so much.


Unknown said...

hope you feel lifted soon:0)
i love your slideshow BTW

Stacey said...

These quiet, graceful images fold right into your words. May this week wrap you in sunshine.

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

Im so sorry. I was single with my oldest at a year and a half, and she nursed till she was three. It was so tough for me...and her, although she didn't sleep over until she was two. Im glad I got away with it for that long. Sending you strength and love. The best thing to do is nourish yourself while they are away, and have fun when they come home.


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