Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Place For Everything and Everything In It's Place

Some people spring clean... I'm a Fall cleaner. So for the past couple of weeks I've been knee deep in bags and boxes of giveaway. Finally exchanged all of the girls' summer clothes for cold weather duds, packed away the summer things and have generally purged the house of odds and ends that had worn out their welcome. You know, it feels really good to finally be able to let go of things that I've been holding onto for various reasons. Parts of collection, things that have been gifted to me over the years. Things that are lovely but really have no place in my home. A few times a year I will go around and evaluate everything in the house; do I still need/want this. Can I live without it and just let it go? When I remove items from shelves and cupboards the newly opened space feels so cleansing to me. As though, clearing a space on a shelf has cleared some space in my mind as well. And this, in turn, leaves room for new thoughts and ideas. Creativity begins brewing... I still have so much work to do. More rooms in need of purging, but I appreciate the task and look forward to getting back to it.Of course, today is Tuesday so I took a break from the Autumnal cleaning and my mom and I took the girls to the library and the park. The downside to all this cleaning and purging and organizing is that I'm beginning to feel cooped up in the house, so the park was a wonderful diversion.
And today, my Zoe came out of her usual shyness and took a shine to a little girl she met there.

Tomorrow I will be back on the job, though. Clutter is calling!

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Hamlette (Rachel) said...

I've been de-stuffing too, though I think mine's prompted by our impending move. I always get rid of loads of stuff when I pack up to move, and of more when I unpack and find that my new place has no use for such-and-such. Lots of stuff is earmarked for disposal when we actually leave too, like my embarrassing bathroom hand towels.

Plus, our library had this HUGE (80,000+ items) book/movie/CD sale this past weekend and I bought a whole bunch of books, so now in penance I'm weeding through my collection.

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