Monday, April 4, 2011

Preparing and Balancing

Seeds have been planted. We've bought, assembled and filled a small greenhouse for said seedlings. Ground has been weeded and turned over and early seeds have been sown straight into the ground.
Spring is definitely here!
One heck of a storm came tearing through here last night. Did it come your way, too? It woke me around one... I'm guessing, beating against my window. It didn't wake the girls but they did wake a bit later, frightened because the power was out and it was pitch black. Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep, wedged between three little girls. Every time I woke throughout the night I lay awake awhile, willing the power to come back on so I could send them back to their own beds and get some rest. It didn't come back on til about 8am and I have just finished my second cup of coffee.
I was so pleased to see that our little greenhouse still stood this morning, only one stake pulled up and slightly askew, and even this little pea trellis I had erected only yesterday. Shocked really, to see it fully intact though a tree just across the yard had been pulled up.
The peas are planted there, I only need to pick up some netting for it tomorrow before things get to sprouting.
I'm having a bit of a hard time finding balance between mothering, getting the garden ready, caring for the animals and staying caught up with shop orders. I find myself going back and forth as best I can, a plot tilled here, carrot suit knitted there, pick up eggs and replenish water and hay, who needs lunch or a hiney wiped? My life is very full, to say the least, and while I wouldn't trade any of these elements for anything (I really have to catch myself when I start complaining about the Etsy work that has taken off! It really is a wonderful thing and I'm so happy to be able to provide for my girls and stay home with them.) I just need to find some way to manage my time better and prioritize. Yesterday was, as predicted, a gorgeous, warm day and so I put off my weekly cleaning til today, as I knew it was supposed to be yucky today, and worked outside instead. So, today finds me cleaning and knitting, oh and rearranging my mother's living room for her and making potato salad for a pregnant friend. Whew, I'd better get busy then!