Saturday, April 9, 2011

Warning! Stay Out of the Feed Store!

I stopped in this afternoon just to pick up a bale of hay to bed my strawberries. Really, that was all.
First I hit the plants set up outside and picked up a bee balm plant. And as I, oh, so innocently, meandered up the front steps, there they were. Seriously, how could you resist the cuteness?
And to be honest, I am a complete ignoramus because I don't know what breed it is because the lady working there thought this one was a Dutch but when I came home and googled Dutch rabbits... yeah, I don't think so. And, I'm not even sure about the sex. She did know they were 8 weeks old and neither of us could really tell but I think it's female. So, for now, we're calling 'her' Lavender. Completely ridiculous, I know and I wished the breeder had been on-site, but, oh well. The breed isn't important and neither is the sex, really. We'll get 'her' neutered in time, anyway. But, if you do know anything about rabbits and perhaps can tell me what breed you think it may be that would great. She said the others in the box were mini-rex so... maybe this one is, too...?

Regardless, 'she's' about the sweetest thing ever and I'm happy to have her. But, just warning you, stay out of the feed store! If the itty bitty rabbits don't get you the baby chicks in the back of the store will.