Sunday, April 17, 2011


Even though it's a perfectly sunny Sunday, I'm spending the day cooped up indoors, cranking out little people for little people's Easter baskets. Not my little people, mind you. No, these are set to be mailed tomorrow to make it to their new families in time for next Sunday. Though, I do plan to have a few extra to tuck into the girls' baskets, too. I'll get to those in time. I'm not complaining too much about being in, as I've been working through a nasty head cold since Thursday and just (mostly) got my voice back today. (All dressed up with some place to go.)
I picked these up when I went into town with my mom yesterday. I don't know why I've never been to this place before. So many fabrics I'm dying to buy, but I chose just a half yard of each of these two sweet pieces. I don't know what but I'm hoping to use them to make something for the girls for Easter.
But first, I must get back to work. Have a beautiful Sunday!