Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I think I have already confessed my garden neglect this year, so we'll not go into it again. Even my beloved herb garden is being a bit overcome with weeds. I have some excuses... wanna hear them? I have been working, I have been kinda down, it's too darn hot! That's a pretty good one, don'tcha think? But, nevertheless, plants (once planted) will grow on.
LinkCalendula. We have really sensitive skin in my house, so next year I think I'll be growing gobs of calendula.
Borage. I planted it because I had read it makes things it grows near taste better. So, beside the tomatoes it went.
And, tomatoes. Not bearing just yet. I can't wait! There are also several wild vines of cucumbers growing on the other side of them. I love cucumber season! And they're producing like crazy.
Cosmos, and I think that's some wild red clover and a morning glory in there, as well. My girls could pick flowers all day.
I think we're getting down to the last of the blackberries, which makes me quite sad. But, mostly the girls have gone to edge of the woods where they grow and eaten them straight away. Oh, well. Kaiya made this 'salad' for me. I love that it is all actually edible, instead of the twig and pine cone soup she usually brings to me.
What's growing in your garden?