Saturday, July 16, 2011


Lately, (not the past two days which have been blissfully cool) it has been blistering hot and the girls have been hiding out indoors quite a bit. Mainly they have been playing with their doll house, crafting, coloring and painting. They love anything crafty. Which I love, of course. But, I'm going to have to figure out something great to do with all their painting and coloring pages (that they simply must tear out) because they're really beginning to pile up around here. Suggestions?

I saw a preview for the new Winnie the Pooh movie on Hulu last night and suggested to the girls' dad that he take the older two to see it today. 'Going to the Movies' is not an event that happens very often in our house, for children or grownups alike. So, it's a special treat and they had a really great time.

How are you spending your weekend?