Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Week

This has been a really difficult, frustrating week. One that I have mostly spent running from one mess to another, breaking up one fight after another. Suppressing rage at a certain co-parent that just doesn't seem to give a ... It's been one of those weeks where one person doesn't seem like near enough.
And then there is the issue of a certain toddler that wants to see how many bumps and bruises one head can possibly hold and how high can she really climb and what's going to happen to this glass when I throw it on the floor? Oh, well, let's try another... still broken. And the lamp. Doesn't this picture make such a nice sound when I rip it in half? Yeah, a lot of that this week.
Now, at this point you're probably thinking, 'Well, Julie, why the heck aren't you watching your kid?' I do, I am. Right now, I'm watching her coloring right beside of me, knowing that in a blink of an eye she could set her sights on something I'm not anticipating and she's off! Or, you know, I've gotta make dinner and she's there but all it really takes is two seconds and she's done it again!
She's a toddler, I get that. But, I have had two other children. She's nothing like them. And there's no stopping her. And I think she's giving me grays. And why in the world did I not see that she was growing to throw that cup full of colored pencils in the floor right now? I should have seen that one coming.
I've banned the use of stickers, at least for today. Do you know, I walked outside two days ago and must have picked three dozen heart stickers off of plants, fence posts, windows, the side of the house? And I'm still finding them. Kaiya said there would be a sticker hunt. I don't think I fully understood what that entailed.
I'm glad the weekend is here. Truly, as a stay-at-home, single mom, there's really not a lot of difference between weekday and weekend. But it's a state of mind, right? And the girls' dad comes and they spend their days with him (whenever he decides to show) and that's a nice break.
And I could certainly use the break. Next week will be better. They usually are. I'm going to spend the weekend resting, putting off the work I had planned to do til next week so I can get a little rejuvenated. Mama just can't run on empty, you know?
How are you spending your weekend?

P.S. Tomorrow the winner will be drawn to win this gorgeous bag. Have you entered yet?