Monday, August 15, 2011

Meltdown Monday Giveaway

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Happy Monday, everyone! Mine is starting with a few moments of peace and quiet before the little ones wake up. I hope yours is off to a peaceful start.
Today our giveaway comes from Kat. She blogs over at The Divine Feminine. Kat is a new reader so I am just getting to know her. Won't you join me?

This Cosy Life- Hi, Kat, and welcome to Meltdown Monday! Tell us a little about yourself so we can know the person behind the work.

Kat- Hi Julie, thanks for having me, it's exciting to be here. Hmmm, what can I say about myself? I am a stay at home mum to two little forces of Nature - Beanie who is 4.5 and Bear who is 1. I am a writer mainly and I have a blog called The Awakened Heart, where I record all my misbehaviours as a parent and spiritual thrill seeker. You can find it at The Divine Feminine. In the past year I have learned to knit and am totally addicted. I am often found lurking in our local wool store, surreptitiously stroking all the lovely yarn, crooning softly 'I wants it, my preciousssss.' Apart from this slight indiscretion, crafting (particularly in a sort of Steiner/Waldorf way) and sewing are new hobbies and the little angels, like the one in the giveaway, are my latest passion.

This Cosy Life- What do you create and what are your favorite materials?

Kat- Ooh, that's a hard one. I love making everything, especially these little angels, wool roving is so forgiving and it's lovely to handle. I have also been enjoying making little peg dolls for my daughter to enjoy. I love sewing (though I'm still a complete newbie!) because of how quickly things come together and how useful they are. Knitting is the same. I just love making things with my hands, it's so meditative.

This Cosy Life- What inspires your creations?

Kat- Everyone else's! I'm a blog hogger. I have wonderful blogs that I visit and when I see what they have been up to, that often sets me off on the path towards making something the same, similar or just inspired by. There are so many talented crafty people out there who generously share their tutorials and ideas with their readers! I'm enormously grateful to them for being there and for being so cool! I am also inspired by the natural world and all things Steiner/Waldorf - the beauty and simplicity of the toys and nature tables really speak to me. I also think about what my bubbas might like to handle or look at and play with. I try to stay with natural materials as far as possible because they last longest and they are a joy to work with.

This Cosy Life- How do you balance 'making' with mothering?

Kat- Uneasily is the honest answer. Sometimes I just desperately want to craft or sew or knit and I can't because I am caring for my two wee ones. I often leave it all until late at night when the bubbas are asleep and then knit or sew or whatnot. Occasionally, I can set up something for Beanie and I to do together and that's always fun - like wet felting. It's more difficult to do that though since Bear has come along. He's at that age where he wants to put everything in his mouth and he is desperately interested in whatever his big sister or I are doing! I've come to the conclusion that you have just take the snippets of time to create wherever you can find them, even if it's just a row or two of knitting here, or a line of writing there, and try not to resent it when the next round of 'care' begins. There will be plenty of time to indulge my hobbies when the bubsy's are older, so I just Keep Calm and Carry Yarn!

This Cosy Life- Thank you so much for for joining us for Meltdown Monday!

Kat- Thank you for letting me play!

Kat is giving away this beautiful wool angel to one of my readers.
OK, so to enter leave me a comment. You can let me know how your Monday is going or, better yet, tell me how you beat the dreadful Meltdown Monday or just say hi. Whatever.

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