Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Acorn Bells- A Tutorial

This homeschool week is focused around squirrels gathering nuts for the winter. I will, of course, share more with you on Saturday but today I wanted to share a little acorn project we did. I had thought originally to make some wool balls to fit into the caps, but I really wanted to do something different. So I came up with these acorn bells, instead.
We made a bunch because Kaiya wanted to take some to the little girls in her ballet class... and because they're cute and fun and a wee bit addictive. I'm already thinking of other ways we can use them. Wouldn't they look awesome as a garland?
And I thought, while I was at it, that I would take some step by step photos and show you how, too.

You'll need;
Acorn caps with a hole drilled through the center

Appropriately sized jingle bells.. I really don't know the dimensions on these, but the size of caps varies, too. We picked up a a bunch of caps and I held the bell up to them to pick and choose. You'll need the round, closed bells with the loop at the top (see pics).

Fingering to DK weight yarn or thread, cut into necklace lengths.


Glue (we used Elmer's School glue)

Aluminum foil or paper plates... something to squeeze the glue into and shake the glitter over.

A skinny-ish yarn needle (something big enough for the weight of yarn but small enough to pass through the hole)
Start by squeezing out a puddle of glue and then roll the top of your cap around in it til it's thoroughly coated, but not drippy. To apply glitter you can either use the shaker kind (which is more even) or spill some onto the foil and roll the cap around in it.
Set the caps aside and let them dry.
Once the glue is dry thread your yarn onto the needle. Thread it down through the top of the cap.
Next go through the little loop at the top of the bell.
And then go up through the bottom of the cap.Pull it through, adjusting ends to get them even and tie it off.
Both girls did this with no problem, I just had to keep reminding them of the threading steps.

Show me what you make, I'd love to see what uses you some up with!