Sunday, November 27, 2011

The First Light of Advent


It is late and I am tired, but I wanted to stop in for just a moment and share what is on my mind right now.
Tonight we lit the first Advent candle. I really appreciate the quiet serenity of this period, though, I must confess that I have not fully connected to it yet. It is one of those that has been a little slow going with me. Christmas, in general, really. I know that I am not alone of feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of making Christmas meaningful for me. It comes with so much baggage and such an overwhelming presence that I had briefly thought of giving it up all together. But I think that I would be doing myself and my children a grave disservice by doing that. I think it is important for me to work through this one and that we will be rewarded by it in the end.
So, yes, I am thinking thoughts of festivals.... I'm sure this doesn't surprise my regular readers. My apologies if I do go on and on at times. They are on my mind much of the time. Much too much. But I am reading (and re-reading) a few articles here , here, and here. I am feeling the beginning of clarity, reading them. Things beginning to connect. Perhaps you'll find them useful, too.
But for now, I'm off to bed. Goodnight!