Sunday, January 22, 2012


This Sunday finds me still sick, blah! But up and working just a bit after a very restful couple of days (thank you, Tait!). After a pretty rough start this morning I'm finally beginning to feel that good health is just around the bend.
So, today I am working on new Valentine's toys, destined for the shop.
And Tait is working on a set of picture puzzle blocks for a certain one, about to be two year old. Her birthday is on Wednesday. Oh, my goodness, she's not a baby anymore! I can still call her 'the baby', though, can't I? He's modeling these sweet blocks after a set I saw on Lori's blog. She made them for her own little ones twenty five years ago. I hope this set holds up just as long.
And I'm about to begin working on a set of gnomes for my little River. This free pattern can be found here.
My camera is on the fritz and I'm so bummed out about it! I'm not certain what happened. I know several days ago it was half on/half off a dish towel in the kitchen (my bad) and Kaiya came along and jerked the towel off the counter and the camera went flying. But after that it worked completely fine for another day or so. But then the shutter stopped working and I can't figure it out. So off to the repair shop it goes, I guess. Fortunately I passed my old camera down to my husband when I go the new one over the spring or summer and I'm using it right now. It's just not at all the same, though. Oh, well.
Hope your weekend is warm and happy!