Monday, February 13, 2012

Meltdown Monday Giveaway

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How has your Monday been? Mine is drawing to a close. It was a rather productive day here. I made a bunch of beeswax candle and cleaned the house. And now I have a giveaway for you!
This week's giveaway is coming from Jennifer, who runs a little Etsy shop known as Two Little Dragons. I am absolutely smitten with her sweet, needle felted dolls. Let's get to know Jennifer today.
Hi, and welcome to Meltdown Monday! Tell us a littleabout yourself so we can know the person behind the work.
Hi, I am Jennifer and I am a Home schooling, Waldorf inspired, stay at home Mom to two very active little boys. I was a professional ballet dancer and retired when I had my first child. Now I try and fill our days with creativity, art, and wonder. When I am not off exploring the beautiful forests that surround our home, I can be found in the kitchen baking and cooking, usually with eager little helpers.

What inspires your creations?
I take inspiration from the beauty of nature around me, because it is so plentiful where I live, but largely I take it from my children. I watch their eyes light up as we tell a story using a doll or animal and for them, it truly comes alive. When I am trying to think of what I will create next, I often look at what they are playing and what stories they are most intrigued with. I try to listen as they describe what they are seeing at that time of year in Nature, how the world is being viewed through little people's eyes. I try to make sure that each thing I create, is done as a child would see it. Their perspective on things can be so different than that of an adult.

How do you balance 'making' with mothering?
Hmm, not sure I balance it, but right now let's just say I am managing it. I work on the simple form of an item during the day when the boys are playing by themselves. It is my busy handwork and they love to join in and felt things along side with me. This is often our handwork
for the day and even if they aren't felting they usually grab whatever they are working on and sit with me. I do the detail work at night, after they are in bed. It is hard to try and remember to make time for work, and then time for being with them completely. It is a constant work in progress.

Thank you so much for for joining us for Meltdown Monday!
Thank you for having me, it is truly my pleasure.
This lovely little root child is just waking up from a long winter's sleep and bringing with her the fresh spring grass. Perfect for your Nature Table, seasonal display, or for re enacting the wonderful Sibylle von Olfers' story of "Mother Nature and her Root Children". She stands approximately 4 inches tall and is completely needle felted. She is intended for use as a story prop and display, but would be suitable for gentle play by older children (5+).

OK, so to enter leave me a comment. You can let me know how your Monday is going or, better yet, tell me how you beat the dreadful Meltdown Monday or just say hi. Whatever.

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I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday February 19th and announce here, on my blog. (Please, make sure I have a way to contact you!)

PS: If anyone is interested in participating in a Monday Meltdown giveaway, here on my blog, contact me here. Whether an item from your Etsy shop or just a little something you would like to give away to brighten someone's Monday, it's all good!