Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Crafting

My fingers have been busy, busy lately, getting little things ready for the girls' Easter baskets. I have made a bunch of these felt eggs. I got the inspiration from Rachel's tutorial over on the Clean blog. Originally I had intended to use felt pieces to decorate them like she had done but here's what happened to that; I took them with me one evening while I waited solo ( I usually have dinner with my mom) during Kaiya's ballet class. I had all the pieces cut out, pinned together and placed them, along with my needles and scissors, in my embroidery floss box. All ready! Then I got there and realized I totally forgot to bring the extra felt. Bummer! Thought about cutting up a couple to use til I got home (gotta do something for an hour) but then I (brilliantly (smug, smug)) thought I would just use my crazy awesome embroidery skills to decorate them. Seriously, I am so good I can not only do the running stitch (yes, it's a stitch, mama!) I can do an extremely pained french knot (that is really just wadded up and tied down thread).
But what I lack in embroidery skills I make up in ingenuity! When my mama did see my 'french knots' she laughed and laughed and decided to show me how to make them proper. And then I went a little nuts and am using them like crazy on another Easter work in progress. They're kinda fun once you get the hang of it!
Blowing out eggs for decorating... these were a little fun, too, as I challenged myself to get the yolk out with making the smallest possible holes.
Are you Easter/Spring crafting? I'd love to hear what you're doing. By the way, here are lots of Easter songs, just because I've got the Easter spirit!

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