Monday, May 14, 2012


Another week has begun. My two oldest girls have kicked the flu, all but a bit of a cough. River is still suffering, though, and I've caught it at last. It snuck up on me quite unexpectedly as I nursed River down for a nap this morning. Isn't that when it always gets you? When you stop and take a breath. I'm not too bad at the moment. I felt worse earlier but took a nap when Tait came home from work and then he made a hot batch of miso soup and fried rice for supper and that warmed me up so nicely.

We has an intense thunderstorm this evening just before the girls went to bed and it knocked the electricity out several times. The last time unfortunately killed our internet router, which I dumbly forgot to unplug. So here I am, hooked straight up to the modem which happens to be in the kitchen behind a curtain and I'm using the the kitchen counter. Well, at least we're still on, right? You only have one cord to duck under to pass through...

We're supposed to be in for at least one or two more days of rain so I'm going to have to come up with something to keep these girls busy. They've reached the end of their tolerance for staying inside after their sick week. Though, if I wake up too sick in the morning I will unashamedly pile them into my bed and we'll watch videos til Tait comes to relieve me. But assuming I wake up bright eyed and brushy tailed, please tell me what you do with your little one on the cooped up days. I need some new ideas!

Yet again, I'm skipping the Meltdown Monday Giveaway this week. Simply because I'm exhausted after the sick week and starring down the barrel of round two and I've actually got two in the works already. The one I already told you abut over on the Natural Kids blog, and a huge one I'm collaborating on with some other members of Natural Kids over on Linda's blog, Natural Suburbia. I will return with Meltdown Monday next week with a new project from Jennifer of Two Little Dragons, so stay tuned! Have a great week, friends!