Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catch Up

Well, hello again. How is your almost summer going? That's right... it's still right around the corner. Tuesday, to be exact. At least in my time zone. We're still enjoying a deliciously mild season here. As a matter of fact, we were outside celebrating the Solstice a little early with friends (more on that later) last evening/night and it was downright cool out.
Anyway, sorry that I've been MIA. It's been a slow time for me of late. I've been absorbed by some things, like this doll I am working on. I've also just been feeling pretty tired these days. Not sure what's got my energy level down... Perhaps it's just the season. I tend to feel most energetic in the cooler months.
Getting ready for a Soltice get-together.... I do declare the Summer Solstice to one of my very favorite celebrations. Such joy and freedom.
Still finding many uses for various plants.
But I will share more on all of this later this week. For now I really just wanted to stop by with a winner for the 'Naturally Fun Parties For Kids' giveaway.


Congratulations! I have already emailed you and you have through 6/19 (Tuesday) to get back with me with your mailing address.

And for everyone else.. I have a new giveaway coming up for you tomorrow (Do be patient with me, though. I'm not ready with it and tomorrow is cleaning day.) from one of my very favorite natural body care and aromatherapy companies. Til then, hope your week gets off to a wonderful start!Link