Friday, July 6, 2012

Signs of Summer

~A quintessential summer day. Join in if you like and share what summer is to you.~


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, cream cheese and blackberry danish. Or, yet another way to eat up all the black berries. I went out early yesterday morning (but not that early) and picked enough berries to fill up the puff pastries I'd bought for something else. I was very sad to see they're already on their way out. Dry in the hot, hot sun and being devoured by scores of june bugs. I think I'll try to con my nephews into going picking with me once more to get our freezer full.

To make;
Thaw out store bought puff pastries in the fridge overnight.
Mix cream cheese a bit of brown sugar (you're gonna have to guess and taste). Mix your berries with a a bit of white sugar to coat (don't you love how very specific I am?)
Butter a cookie sheet and lay one pastry on it. To make the 'woven' top you'll need to slice each side evenly, about a half inch each slice.
Spoon cream cheese mixture over the middle and cover with berries. And begin to criss cross the top like I've shown in photo two.

It's heavenly and you'll want to make both pastry doughs. Now get out there and pick before all the blackberries are gone!