Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just For Me

For me, me, just me! My yarn arrived yesterday and I'm going to make this cardigan. I've not knit a sweater for myself since I was a teenager and first started knitting. I think I knit two for myself then. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I picked up my needles to make something for me. I'm thinking there might have been a pair of fingerless mitts back when Zoe was a tiny baby... she's 6 now.

So, it's about time, wouldn't you say?! I'm taking a lot of time for myself right now. Picking up some pampering habits I lost back when the oldest was born and I'm finally giving my body the time and attention it deserves. I'm also taking a lot more time for inner work, learning new ways to interact with the universe and finding a peace within myself and a peace with my place here.
Since becoming a mother I've become really low maintenance and I thought that was a good thing (not that it isn't) and what I wanted but I've recently come to realize that not taking the time for me is not doing myself, or my children, or my husband, or anyone else I come in contact with any favors. They do say (you know, THEY) that you cannot take care of others til you take care of yourself and I feel like I've really come to understand that the hard way. Not in some big and life changing way, though, I suppose that it all added up to be be life changing and that's why I'm here, at this particular point of view. Just  a slow decline, really. And the thing that made me stop and think was, of course, what I was writing about the other day here, the post from Erin that started a most pleasing change in my way of thinking and feeling and doing.

I'm following my inspirations and my feelings and finding them leading.... to me! Many, many good, new  habits that have no other purpose than to make me feel good and strong and healthy and beautiful and whole. And I'm finding that when I do listen to that inner voice of inspiration and tune into my feelings and go where they lead me, even though they lead me to care for me, they are leading me to be open and receptive to just about everyone and everything else. I'm finding judgment and emotional walls slipping away and my heart just opening up!

Life is so very full and abundant when we do not forget ourselves. I think as mothers it's very easy to forget that, but perhaps we're really the ones who most need to remember it. So won't you please join me in paying a little attention to ourselves? When you get the chance it would be lovely if you would write a little post and link back here to what you're doing Just For Me right now. Maybe you're not doing anything that's for you and here's the little reminder you need to do it! It doesn't have to be a big thing. The little things we do for ourselves daily become the moments we really look forward to during the day and the ones that bring us quiet serenity. So please do share. It would be wonderful to inspire one another.