Monday, May 31, 2010

Five Years Ago....

....on this day we welcomed our first-born child into the world, Kaiya Marie.
One of these days, hopefully soon I will share my birth stories. I have yet to write them down at all and I still am working out my feelings about the last one. But someday soon, I promise.
I have co-slept with my babies since day one and I remember, when Kaiya was a newborn, waking up in the morning and being so delighted to see that sweet, apple round head of hers. Never mind that now she kicks and thrashes and mama has sleepless nights when she shares my bed. But when she snuggles up beside of me in the morning I can't help but remember that apple round head.

And just this morning with her first gifts of the day. I have a birthday tradition for the girls. The night before I bring one small, specially chosen gift and the camera to bed with me. And as soon as the birthday girl wakes she gets to open her morning gift. I so look forward to capturing this every year. Unfortunately I missed it for the first time this year on Zoe's birthday as I was with River in the hospital, though, my mother did her best to fill in for me. But I got it this time, no matter how groggy I was from late night knitting.

Red Berry Wool by Robyn Eversole, truly a sweet and touching little story. A lamb, knitted by me from this pattern. And five dollars from her great aunt Wanda.
A nice start for her special day. How lucky I am she chose me as her mother!

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Sycamore Moon Studios said...

So sweet. You sent me off to good night with a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your story.

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