Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Than Just Sheep

I've been going on quite a bit here lately about the new loves in my life, but, believe or not, there has been knitting going on here, too.
Knitting dolls mostly. A bit of lavender here.....

You see, my brain has been brimming over of late with new pattern ideas but I was so busy catching up on crown orders and working on birthday things

that I just didn't have time to work them out. There are still a few more crowding my head and hopefully I won't loose them before I can knit them. Don't you just hate that? Oh, and fun fact; that last little guy up there has more than just good looks. Inside of his knitted belly is a tennis ball, to put a little spring in his step!
Anyway, back to the sheep. They need some fresh water.



Rachel said...

Toooooo cute! I've got new ideas too, but like you, where's the time to execute them? I was trying to make some diaper covers for the wittle girl, like I told you, but I hate all the patterns I'm finding, so I'm dreaming up my own. Can't wait for my yarn and then to get home so I can experiment.

Love the doll with braids!

Julie said...

Oh, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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