Saturday, August 21, 2010


This has been a rather hard week for me. I've just trudged through it rather ungracefully, I'm afraid to say.
Please say this does get easier. I know it must, I just can't see that now. So today I think I'll be nice to me, rest, as I'm tired most of the time anymore, and not beat myself up all day. He will come and take all three girls to his house today. I still loathe my baby being away from me, but today I won't complain, I do need the time.
I've been away from this space quite a bit lately. Looking down I see Saturday posts and that's about it. I do tend to withdraw when times are going rough. I don't think this helps. So, please, hold me accountable, I'll be here more. I will write, about the good and the bad, I will not fade away again.
I think this song sums it up. I found it on this beautiful blog, digging through her archives one night this week.

A little color to brighten your day. And mine. I'm working on lots of these for an upcoming event I'll have a booth at, but perhaps I should just hang them around meantime.

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Rachel Kovaciny said...

No! Please don't withdraw. Not here or elsewhere in your life. Things will get easier, eventually. You'll adjust, the girls will adjust, and life will go on. Not the same life, but life nonetheless.

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