Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today we went gathering in the creek. The water is pretty darn cold now, but the girls were prepared (smarter than mama) and wore their rubber boots. We were gathering smooth, round stones to make felted rocks, and they found some other treasures along the way.

What a gorgeous spot this time of year! I'm so glad the temp is finally on it's way down again. Cosy is what I do best and it's hard to be cosy in the heat.

Kiddie leashes are the only way I'll walk on the road with three girls in tow. And they like to pretend they're dogs so it's works out nicely.

Our bounty.
I had planned for us to felt them when we got home but my youngest nephew was waiting for us in the driveway (they live next door) so the girls went off to play. He said he knew we were coming because he could hear Kaiya singing as we came up the road.