Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Here, Pumpkins There...

Went went pumpkin picking today at Red Wolf Farm. For those local, it is in Maiden.
The best of the worst, picture that is. It's the little one. Now that she is walking it's nearly impossible to get her to stay put for a picture. But how she loved this little day trip! Being around animals so much here I was really surprised at the joy she took in seeing the farm animals.
We played. Got friendly with some goats. Which, by the way, I must now have. We've been thinking about it and this put me over the top. They were pygmy goats, I think, and the sweetest little things ever. Must. Have. Goats!

My husband joined us today. It's the first thing we've done together since we separated, I think. But we're on really good terms at the moment. Here's hoping it stays that way. It was nice for the girls to be able to have us both there.

Daddy's favorite thing about the day; the walk to the creek.
Mama's favorite; the goat's, or course.
Kaiya's favorite; riding the pedal tractors.
Zoe's favorite; the hayride.

And a list of a different sort, the giveaways;

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Daydream Believer's T-shirt

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Hamlette (Rachel) said...

How awesome! Daniel has this fear of pumpkins this year (because of jack-o-lanterns being Too Scary) and so we're not getting to do anything like this. Glad you all had fun!

The Knitwit Hues said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful day and your beautiful girls! You make me smile SO often.
Diane Eve
PS - I'm totally with you about goats!

* * said...

it looks and sounds like a very beautiful day!
what a beautiful family you have, yes i agree little goats would be a fun addition : )

Anonymous said...

what 3 cuties you have.

Here is the link for the cardigan I made for Nuri


Tonya Gunn said...

what a wonderful day!
Autumn is just such a beautiful time.
Enjoy and warm wishes, Tonya

Nicole said...

your little one sounds like my twin littles ones. now that they walk, good luk doing anything!

the sleepy time gal

Bumpkin Hill said...

Such a beautiful day, so happy you all enjoyed it. I love pygmy goats too, aren't they the cutest! Catherine x

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