Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today my niece turned eight. Kaiya, ever generous and loving, wanted to make her something special. She gathered her supplies; foam sheets, glue, scissors, crayons.... and proceeded to cut and glue and draw. You see, she had a picture in a book, a little bag made from foam with 'Happy Birthday' on the front. She can't read yet but she carefully copied the letters onto the front and came to me for pipe cleaners for the handles. She had intended to glue the sides of the bag together but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to teach her to hand sew.
She caught on very quickly and whipped the sides together in no time. She finished it up with her pipe cleaner handles and I suggested she add some beads.
She could not be more proud of herself!
Zoe found bag construction a little over her head, so she decided to paint her a picture instead.

I've been busy crafting as well. I've been trying my hand at candle making using beeswax and egg shells.
I've got lots more new things I'm eager to work on once I finish up a wholesale order (crowns). I'm just hoping I can hold onto the ideas long enough to get them out.

Happy crafting to you!


Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Nice work, Kaiya and Zoe! Very impressive.

Those candles and holders are awesome. Wow.

softearthart said...

Such cool egg candles, thanks for topping by my blog, cheers Marie

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